At Executive Freight Services, we value relationships as the foundation of success - with our Customers, our Carriers and our Agents. This philosophy is in our DNA, and it translates into valued relationships with each of our partners, where integrity, honesty, and respect are the principles we live each and every day. Find out why we're one of the industry's leading freight brokers.

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We enjoy longstanding Customer relationships forged through superior service and results.  Our loyal Customers have been relying on us for years because they know we’ll get the job done, done right, and we’ll always shoot straight.

Our Carrier Network affords the most professional and reliable Carriers in the industry.  We earn their loyalty each day through fairness, respect, and fast payment, which gives us an unmatched market advantage in load booking rates and delivery quality.

Our Freight Agents are successful, driven entrepreneurs who are part of the Executive Freight family.  They are dedicated exclusively to getting you the best freight shipping results, because your success is their success.


For more than 15 years, we’ve built a reputation across the freight brokerage industry for delivering results - honestly and ethically.  This philosophy forges bonds that our Customers rely on for their most challenging and sensitive freight shipping needs.



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As one of the 3PL industry’s trusted, stable providers for over 15 years, we have established a reputation for integrity and consistency with customers and freight carriers alike.  We are the preferred partner of the best freight shipping agents in the business.  Our credit rating is second to none, and is a focus for us day in and day out.

With your own dedicated Executive Freight Agent, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your most sensitive freight shipping needs will be met.  Our service culture guarantees that you will be fully informed of any issues with personalized service.  We take the worry out of shipping, and we make you look good doing it.

At Executive Freight, we invest in leading freight brokerage solutions that streamline the work of load booking, financial settlement, and compliance.  Our freight agents and carriers enjoy a packaged solution that delivers real value to their daily operations - staying out of the way and empowering to do what they do best - deliver Shipping Results.  Every Time.


Add it all up, and we deliver positive results for your freight shipping needs, your own valued customer relationships, and your bottom line.  You can count on Executive Freight.


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Our unique value proposition to all of our partners in the freight transportation value chain allows us to achieve load booking rates that are greater than the average 3PL company.  Year in and year out, we consistently outperform our competitors in each and every customer location.

The combination of experienced Freight Agents, loyal carriers, fast carrier pay free of penalties, and our sterling credit rating enable us not only to meet your shipping needs, but to do so with fiercely competitive rates that bolster your bottom line.

Our experienced, professional Freight Agents, combined with our longstanding network of quality carriers, has combined to deliver the most consistent on-time delivery rates for each of our Customers.